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How to to upgrade your bathroom on a budget

The majority of the population has a budget to work within for renovations. This can occasionally put a damper on design aspirations...but what if it didnt have to? With a little bit of bargain shopping and a well defined budget spreadsheet it is amazing what can be achieved!

1/ Design Prototype - there is something in engineering called "value engineering" and "design prototyping". These principles are relevant to all aspects of life. The quick explanation is you stretch your dollars by keeping your mind open to multiple alternate options and a prototype is the final step to visualizing these options together and in use. You will bounce back and forth between these to principles as you think you have narrowed in on a design that A) fits your budget and B) achieves the look, feel and functionality you wanted to achieve. That is designing on a budget. During this process you will want to source and price multiple vendors for finishes and products. Where a designer really shines in this process is we already have these relationships and usually know where to find the best priced, high quality vendors to achieve the look you wish to create and the experience to do so. However, if your budget does not allow for an interior design professional, you have the time available and you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves it is a really fun process that sets the stage for a beautiful space within your budget.


a) Initial Design Concept

b) Budget & Source Vendors/Suppliers

c) Prototype - use CAD or other 3D software (there are quite a few free softwares online that are simple to use) to help prototype your space right down to the final finish selections. Be sure to create a vision board with samples of all the finishes together to visualize your selections together in the light of that room at different times of the day (ex. dusk vs dawn etc)

e) Protoype meets budget you are done! = execute construction and remember to have fun!

Pro Tip: Don't count out sales and specials such as remnant granite/quartz pieces for a small bathroom countertop. Stone suppliers are required to have you pay for the full slab even if they are not able to use it all. I have purchased many beautiful remnant (left over pieces) for a small percentage of the full slab price for beautiful bathroom vanity counters, such as the one below.

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